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[Almost] Everday Pointless Rambling

Oblivious Charm
14 March 1986
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Well, I am nowhere near perfection, I'm somewhat weird and out of place, but I never really care. Why? Because no matter what I say or do, people will always have their own opinion of what type of person I am, I figured, why do I have to bother to appear certain way? Just to please certain crowd? Sorry, I have a lot of other better things to do. Don't get me wrong, I'm no Emo and I don't dress in black and mourn over how my life is not happy and so on. I am however a geek, I don't mind adimitting it, I like to read and I can stay up all night to read. I used (kinda still) be a 'Lifer - A 'Lifer is what the call a rabid Westlife fan, back in 1999, oh those years were extremely great, I don't party hard, but, in some ways, the excitement then had somewhat make me live and become more mature over the years. I think more logically (if not sarcastically) in every thing.

What I don't like the most is streotyping, one thing that really gets on my freaking nerve. You know, the kind of thing where people say Cheerleader have no brains or Quaterbacks are all strength no brains. It may be true in some places, but as far as I'm concerned, who you appear to be and what you really are doesn't always happen to be the same. Everyone wore a very believable mask in front of the world because it had been expected that way.

My favourite movie of all time would be My Girl, I don't care how many blockbuster or mind blowing movies that are out there that are supposedly way better than the movie. Sometimes, all that can't trade a simple movie, about friendship, love and trust. So what if that monster can eat human, I don't care actually, it's only fun to watch for a period of time and then most people will get bored of it and forget all about it.

Well... There's basically nothing to me than it is ^^